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The Law of Attraction on Thoughts, Feelings, Habits, & Money

Our thoughts and emotions create our realities, fact. Years ago, Plato said that like attracts like. Now through quantum physics, science can demonstrate how our thoughts, which carry a vibration and frequency, have a direct impact on what we bring into our lives. We often use affirmations or positive phrases, vision boards, etc. in an attempt to “manifest” situations into existence. The problem with that is we aren’t aware of our subconscious identity and beliefs that unconsciously repel what we are working towards. If we could “think” our way to being rich or having that perfect relationship or perfect home, we’d all have it, right? 

Let’s take money for example. A huge myth is that money comes from hard work. We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that the harder we work, the more money we’ll have. Let’s reflect on that for a moment and consider the fact that 78% of Americans live pay check to pay check, many of which are working extremely hard and barely get by. Have you ever considered how they look at money or their underlying money beliefs? For example, “Money is hard to come by,” “I always have just enough at the end of the month,” “I have to work hard to pay my bills.” Those beliefs are what keep people stuck and we are not even aware that we hold those unconscious beliefs, therefore we continue to attract and expand upon more of this. Why is it that the majority of lottery winners wind up broke shortly after receiving a massive sum of money? Because they have the identity of someone who is BROKE. So how do you FEEL about money? Do you feel worried, insecure, or anxious to check your bank account? Our feelings are the strongest indicators of what we’re attracting. 

I’ve noticed this during my years working in healthcare and is what got me so interested in the mind. How people think about their illness has a direct impact on the trajectory of their journey. If an individual consistently stays in the identity of someone with chronic pain, a disease that they have no control over, or feeling like a victim to their circumstances, they tend to fare poorly, have more symptoms and are just plain miserable. The ones who shift their attention and focus on the positivity often do much better. Why is that? Because what we focus on expands. Back to Plato, like attracts like.  

Pay attention to your thoughts and how you feel about what you want to attract. Often times, we inadvertently are focusing on the “lack” of something. We visualize having that perfect home or being fit and healthy, but by default, we’re actually focused on the fact that we don’t have it yet or that it’s taking too long to come to fruition. 

So how do we flip this script? Change our habits. Our thoughts and emotions surrounding anything we want or don’t want in life continue to attract that which our attention is focused on. This is a tricky concept because we can believe we’re doing all the right things, saying the affirmations, listening to the positive YouTube manifestation audios, but if our subconscious identity does not believe it to be true, then it’s a wash. Our thoughts are habitual, just like driving a car or your morning routine. Our brain saves energy by habituating tasks that we do every day, in fact 95% of our day is habituated routine. But because our brains are malleable, we can shift those automated thoughts and behaviors.

So today, begin to shift your attention to the feeling of already having what you desire and continue to practice this anytime that thought of lack enters your mind. Work from the end result of that which you desire, not from the current circumstance. With time, the positive thought processes and emotions become the new, automated habit and you will find that life just flows easier when you’re in a state of allowance and positivity. 

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