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Meet Angie Kircher, Certified Hypnotherapist, serving St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Winner in Woodbury's Best of 2023 for "Best Holistic Wellness Practice!"

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What Angie Does


Angie is a Certified Hypnotherapist with expertise helping individuals eliminate financial scarcity mindset, anxiety, break free from undesired habits, and remove the limitations that are holding you back through the fusion of hypnosis and coaching.


Angie's focus is to help you heal, increase energy, gain clarity, and reach your fullest potential. Angie will help you create high-impact, lasting change in as little as 6 weeks. 

Client Promise

This is a collaborative partnership that takes commitment on your end. Sessions are provided in a confidential, safe space and are customized to meet your specific goals. If you're ready to make lasting change, let's get started!

Welcome To The New You

About Angie Kircher: Your Award-Winning Certified Hypnotherapist 

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Have you ever felt like you were meant for more, almost like this existential crisis of “why am I here?” This deep inner knowing that you were meant to do something so much bigger with your life? You have these ideas and passions, but no clue how to take action on them and release the fears and blocks that are holding you back.

I get it. 

My journey into the void started in 2020, as a frontline nurse in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. I felt debilitating anxiety coursing through my body, as though I could crawl out of my skin, and it was becoming a daily experience. Life was getting more painful by the moment as I shoved down the subtle whispers to leave my career.
I could no longer rely on self-medication or high dose pharmaceuticals to alleviate the discomfort because nothing was helping at this point. I hit a wall… and hard… I came to a critical understanding that if I didn’t do something different, I wouldn’t be able to sustain for myself or my family. 

In that moment, I made the radical decision to embrace every fear I had, release the ineffective coping mechanisms and take the leap into the unknown.

I left my full-time nursing position, along with the financial security I had desperately clung to and invested thousands of dollars hiring my first coach.  What unfolded in the next few months was the most profound and transformational experience.  I got my a$$ absolutely handed to me, ripping off layer after layer of limiting beliefs and bullsh*t stories I held about my abilities and the limitations I had a death grip on. I constantly justified why I wasn’t meant for more or capable to pull this drastic of a change off. I’m just a nurse, after all. 

Spoiler alert, you ALWAYS have the power to choose and change course at any time!

This single experience altered the trajectory of my life in the most unbelieveable way.  I became empowered to take control of my path and step into the unshakeable confidence that has allowed me to follow my inner guidance and pursue my deeper purpose.  It all starts by healing yourself from within and becoming the master of your mindset. 

My mission is to now empower YOU to heal from within and become unstoppable, so let's get started today!

Welcome to the new you!

- Angie Kircher

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What Some Of Our Hypnosis Clients Are Saying

Angie is truly amazing!!

She is kind, compassionate and caring. She takes the time to listen and understand what brought you in to see her. She made me feel completely comfortable right from the start. If you have stress or anxiety that is affecting your daily life I highly recommend Angie. What she does is life changing! 

St. Paul, Minnesota

There are not words in the English language to express my gratitude towards Angie!

Angie could be the angel of earth that whispers “you are not alone and you never were.”
Thank you Angie. You are doing what you were meant to do and I am honored that you shared some of your light with me.

Woodbury, Minnesota

Angie is incredible!

She is so understanding and caring and the only person I've found to be able to get to the root of my problems and allowing me to be truly open and honest during sessions, and she gets everything I would discuss with her. All of her backgrounds blend perfectly into this amazingly understanding person who helped me most in a time where I really needed it.

St. Paul, Minnesota

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