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What We Do


Angie is a Registered Nurse and Certified Hypnotist with expertise helping individuals eliminate anxiety, release fear, break free from undesired habits, and remove the limitations that are holding you back through the fusion of hypnosis and neuroscience.


Angie's focus is to help you heal, increase energy, gain clarity, and reach your fullest potential. Angie provides hypnosis in a confidential, safe space. She listens to your concerns and customizes a plan to meet your specific, desired outcomes. 

Client Promise

This is a partnership that takes effort on your end. It may not be easy, but imagine your life 6 months from now, free of the challenges that have held you back and thriving. If you're ready to make lasting changes, then you've come to the right place!

Welcome To The New You

About Angie Kircher, Certified Hypnotist and Founder of AK Hypnosis

angie kircher minnesota hypnotist black tank 01Hi! I’m Angie! I’ve spent the last 12 years of my career in holistic and hospice care and am obsessed with neuroscience and the mind-body connection. In my clinical experience I observed a consistent trend in how an individual’s health and illness were directly impacted by what their medical team told them, in connection with their own beliefs and experiences. This made me passionate about understanding the “why” when I was left with limited tools and medications that only bandaged the issues, but never actually alleviated a person’s symptoms or suffering.

Additionally, for years I suffered debilitating anxiety and unexplained pain for which traditional medical approaches were ineffective. I felt completely failed by our healthcare system and had spent thousands of dollars on naturopathic and medical interventions. Believing I had exhausted every option available, I resorted to hypnosis. To say I was shocked by the outcome was an understatement. What I never understood was that my symptoms were caused by the neural networks that were created and reinforced repeatedly in my brain, based on subconscious programming I had received for many years. No wonder medications only helped temporarily. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to reprogram those patterns so you can permanently eliminate whatever is holding you back!

My mission is to empower people to heal from within and become unstoppable, so let’s get started today!

Welcome to the new you!

- Angie Kircher

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What Some Of Our Hypnosis Clients Are Saying

More Than Expected!

Angie is incredibly compassionate and open minded, she gets to root cause of issues. Her genuine interest in your well-being, growth and personal discovery is very evident.

St. Paul, Minnesota

The Best There Is!

I was skeptical that hypnosis would help, but found tremendous pain relief and uncovered the reason this was recurrent. I would highly suggest Angie to anyone!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Just What I Needed!

Angie has such a calm, comforting demeanor, yet can direct and control each conversation with ease and intent. She takes time to listen and responds accordingly. She's an amazing addition to my life!

Woodbury, Minnesota

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