Enhance Your Intuition: 5 Ways to Develop Your Inner Knowing

First of all, what is intuition?

As a highly analytical person, beginning to harness my intuition was quite the journey. This isn’t something you can throw yourself into learning by reading a ton of books. It’s a process of trusting, getting quiet and listening to your gut. 

Have you ever had a nudge to do something that didn’t seem logical at the time, but in hindsight you found out that you avoided a disaster? That’s intuition. 

Or maybe you met someone and something felt “off.” You couldn’t explain it because you had no actual reason to not like this person, but you noticed a sensation in your body that almost caused you to retreat. That’s intuition.

Or perhaps you have this flash or glimpse of something that seems to come out of nowhere which played out later? That’s intuition.

So how do you strengthen your intuition?

  • 1. Meditate

This is one of the most powerful ways to hone in on what your intuition is saying, but possibly the most difficult for people. Why? We live in a very busy world and our minds are constantly racing. We have to retrain our brains to sloooow down. Intentionally take time to get quiet, even if just for 5-10 minutes a day. Your intuition will grow exponentially and you’ll begin to pick up on the intuitive hits more easily. This also gets much easier with time and practice.

  • 2. Listen to your gut

If you notice something that seems off, pay attention. Follow that hint and see what happens. The more you tune into this, the more you begin to trust and strengthen your intuition. 

  • 3. Get in touch with nature

Spending time outside is an amazing way to become present, still the mind and get in touch with your inner knowing. Go for a walk, lay in the grass, find a park to visit or go camping! You might be surprised by the random answer your get to a question you’ve had or new idea that seems to come out of nowhere.

  • 4. Journal

When writing, you override the conscious mind which often filters out intuition. Start with a page or two each day. Simply allow the words to flow through you. Perhaps it’s about the things you noticed that day, your goals, problems you’re working through. You may notice some interesting things that come to the surface.

  • 5. Take a break from technology

We live in a fast paced world with distractions everywhere. These distractions also prevent us from tapping into the intuitive hits we are getting all the time. Turn off your phone, computer, music and television. Just BE. You may discover how much you love the peace and what you begin to pick up on.

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